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Wellbeing Services for Businesses

Why choose

MindTune can provide businesses and charities with a competitive, fully managed, tailored therapy service to suit different levels of requirement.

As a team, we have multiple therapeutic areas in which you can seek support, so we have all bases covered for your company’s wellbeing needs. We work incredibly hard to match our clients with the right therapists, which to date, has proven very successful for our clients and the results they have achieved on their wellbeing journey.

We work with therapists that we know and trust and who are suitably qualified and accredited with governing bodies, such as BABCP, BACP, NCS, etc. Our therapists are important to us as they provide such a valued service. We support them as much as we can, so they can support others.

Outcome Focused

Achieving a positive result is always our primary goal.


Our approach is based on complete honesty and transparency. 


We invest in continuous personal development.

Restitute logo

We currently provide all the therapy for a charity called Restitute. Having partnerships like this optimises our expertise and allows the charity to focus its skills on supporting people through to recovery.

About Restitute
Restitute supports 3rd party victims of crime because they are the forgotten victims. They are parents, carers, children, close friends and partners, who step in to care when the worst happens, often for decades.

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"Restitute began working with MindTune during the COVID-19 pandemic when we needed a reliable and flexible therapeutic service that could remotely support clients who were dealing with huge levels of complex trauma due to their loved ones’ experiences of sexual or domestic violence. We also required a range of therapeutic services that could offer treatment to those experiencing suicidal ideation, acute mental distress and those with long-standing behaviours and coping strategies that were enabling or having a negative impact on both the patient and their loved ones. We also needed a service that could offer therapeutic services to both children and adults, those with ASD and ADHD, to men and women of any age, including older people.


We also required excellent communication and an understanding and willingness to learn and share knowledge as we grew. It is essential to us that any organisation we work with is responsive, engaged and passionate about what is still a ground-breaking service. Most importantly though, we wanted to see a reduction in the symptoms of trauma, depression and anxiety in our clients with data that supported our work and client feedback that they were able to identify tangible, long-term, qualitative and quantitative changes to their mental well-being, their day to day activities and overall improvement to their quality of life and that of their loved ones.


MindTune has consistently delivered the service that we need. Client feedback is overwhelmingly positive with many describing the combination of support work from Restitute and therapeutic intervention from MindTune as being life-saving. We will continue to refer our clients to MindTune and would recommend other organisations looking for a responsive, passionate, but most importantly, clinically effective service to do the same."

Catherine Pickles, CEO, Restitute

Ready to
Get Started?

Get in touch to discuss how MindTune's qualified therapists and coaches can support your business, either directly or as an extension of your in-house mental health and wellbeing team. We provide a full range of bespoke therapy sessions (including 20-minute focused sessions "MindTune Minutes") as well as ADHD & wellbeing coaching. We will soon be launching a Wellbeing Training offering to help you identify a potential wellbeing issue before it escalates – prevention is the cure. We will also be offering bitesize training podcasts for mental health champions looking for a quick refresher or to keep their skills relevant and up-to-date.

Client Testimonials


“Coaching has taken my business to a new level. I now believe in myself, I know my capabilities and I’m capable of so much more than I realised. My business has just grown and grown because we have worked on strategies to help my ADHD and so my clients are happy.”


“I’m so impressed with my sessions with Sarah. She’s unpicked so much about me right from the first session and already, by session 3, I’ve achieved so much. Highly recommend – thank you!”


“I want to thank you for your help, you honestly don’t know how much lighter I’ve felt. I honestly can’t thank you enough. You’ve been a light in the darkness of my mind.”


“I can’t believe how much I have needed this and the difference it has made to the mornings in our house! No more beating myself up for being late for work all the time, now I have got my routine down to a T. Thanks, Sarah, I couldn’t have got here without you.”

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