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About MindTune

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Why we started the business?

MindTune was started because we are collectively driven to make waves in the wellbeing industry. We wanted to be able to see a client's journey progress through all the stages they experience. We wanted to be there to support clients with quality services when they need them, with minimal to no waiting times.


We offer a modern and accessible approach to feeling well in our minds and we are passionate about making mental wellness part of our everyday routine and language. Of course, we take mental health & wellbeing seriously, but we also want to make the experience of giving and receiving therapy & coaching enjoyable, dare we say, fun?


We started to look at how we could make this happen and quickly realised we had the team around us with extensive skills and qualifications, and so, MindTune was born.

Outcome Focused

Achieving a positive result is always our primary goal.


Our approach is based on complete honesty and transparency. 


We invest in continuous personal development.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to grow a network of therapists to provide services at every stage of a client's journey. We believe happy therapists are good therapists and so we invest a lot of time into ensuring they are fully supported at all levels.


Our vision for our clients is to traverse through MindTune to the places they need it most, at the time they need it the most. Everyone's therapeutic journey is different so you might navigate through our pick ‘n mix wellbeing system in a multitude of ways.


For example, you might come to us for a counselling session which progresses into coaching (or CBT if your counsellor identifies anxiety that could be better treated by a CBT therapist), moving on to a guided booster session or intervention with no set time frame. Then, 6 months after you've finished your sessions, you might sign up for a 20-minute check-in session.

Our Vision

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Our Leadership Team

Meet the Team
Sarah Clark ADHD & Wellbeing Coach

Sarah Clark

I am passionate about mental health, emotional health and wellbeing and believe employers require professional support in order to provide effective mental health first aid across the organisation.


I’ve worked holistically with adults and young people for over 12 years, most recently, in the fast-growing digital mental health space. I focus on bringing the best out of my clients and working with you to help you succeed by realising your potential and achieving your goals.


I will work with you to redefine what you feel is possible. I regularly partake in continued professional development and love to learn new techniques and models to empower my clients. I am qualified in wellbeing coaching, psychodynamic counselling, clinical weight loss coaching, ADHD awareness, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and more.


I have experienced my own journey with mental health and wellbeing, which enables me to feel more connected to my clients in the difficulties they face while offering reassurance that I have some understanding of what it feels like to be stuck and in need of direction.

Claire Jarvis

I am an accredited BABCP CBT therapist and MindTune’s clinical lead in all areas of therapy. I started my career in therapy gaining a counselling degree while working as a project worker supporting children and families. 


I went on to complete a post-graduate diploma in cognitive behaviour therapy for the NHS. I left the NHS in 2017 after 7 years to build my own private practice.


I have a wealth of experience in treating trauma, anxiety conditions and identifying and working with ADHD in adults and young people. I specialise in treating trauma and a lot of my work involves accident claims using CBT and EMDR therapy.


Interesting fact! I have ADHD and one of the ways I manage this is by keeping active. I love to compete against myself and others in Crossfit competitions as a Masters athlete.

MindTune founder & therapist Claire Jarvis

Support Staff

Nikki Cole

Nikki Cole

Admin/Personal Assistant

Book Keeper

Louise Moss

Louise Moss

Admin/Personal Assistant

Engagement & Marketing Lead

MindTune Therapists

Our therapists are based all around the East of England, servicing clients both online and face-to-face The majority of sessions will take place via video call, however, we can accommodate in-person sessions based on locality.

Our Therapists

Laura Darby

Laura Darby Young Persons Therapeutic Coach

Young Persons Therapeutic Coach

I specialise in supporting victims of abuse, specifically sexual harm. However, I love working with any child who needs a helping hand. I've worked in the frontline child protection arena for around 10 years, specialising in sexual harm for the last 5 years.

Jane Le Breton


My area of expertise is Trauma focused recovery work, including dissociation, domestic abuse/violence, historical sexual abuse, acute anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and timeline work exploring parts of self. 

Emma Halliday Counsellor

Emma Halliday


I work with a person-centred approach to counselling and specialise in bereavement, terminal illness, self-esteem issues and anxiety, alongside many general mental health issues. I also have experience in working with clients with neurodiverse issues.

Helen Ramsey Counsellor

Helen Ramsey


I opened a riding centre in 2002 with the specific purpose of helping adults and children with their confidence, self-esteem and low mood issues. In 2019, I made the step away from Equine Assisted Therapy into the wider world of counselling.

Rosemarie Moyce CBT Therapist

Rosemarie Moyce

CBT Therapist

I am an experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and also offer EMDR therapy. I am a registered mental health nurse with over 30 years' experience working in the field of mental health and wellbeing within NHS healthcare trusts.


Jay Lever-King

Counsellor, ADHD & Therapeutic Coach

After having counselling as a teenager myself, I carry the baton in providing that same support I had got - space to learn, reflect and grow and help people live authentically and unapologetically. It’s not easy to get to that point, but what is easy isn’t always worth it.

A Minute for Your Mind

Don't have the time for a full session or struggle to concentrate for 60 minutes of therapy? We know the feeling. That's why we've created MindTune Minutes, the most effective aspects of our therapy sessions distilled into a short, sharp 20-minute burst. Our goal with MindTune Minutes is to make wellbeing services accessible to anyone.

Client Testimonials


Laura has been helping one of our young people with the trauma she has experienced. She was very nervous to meet new people with anxiety and extreme anger issues related to the trauma. Laura has helped her to understand her triggers and how to calm down, and has built a trusting relationship which has enabled them to make great progress. Really can't thank Laura enough for her knowledge and understanding!


Cannot fault the team. Everything is amazing. The communication, the support, the care, all to a high standard. Emma has been wonderful and I have felt totally supported.

Thank you MindTune!


“I want to thank you for your help, you honestly don’t know how much lighter I’ve felt. I honestly can’t thank you enough. You’ve been a light in the darkness of my mind.”


“The client has been to see Laura for 3 sessions so far and although she was initially sceptical, Laura immediately won her round and since then she has looked forward to seeing her. Laura is easy to talk to and listens intently, while being quick to contact us if any changes need to be made to appointments and very flexible with her time. We are very happy that the client gets these much-needed sessions with Laura.”

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